1 Corinthians 10:24 Romans 14:19 Philippians 2:4
If we look around us, feeling quite depressed,
feeling we’re hard done by, worse off than the rest;
if we stop to ponder, think more carefully, –
we will see that everyone needs sympathy.
Thank the LORD for all he’s given,
trust him, shelter in his care, and wait for heaven;
pray, submit, with joy believe,
’Til we’re free from troubles, we can grace receive.

If we look around us, feeling very cross,
– inconvenienced often, caused financial loss,
yet ourselves not guiltless, – better turn and do
unto others what you’d have them do to you.

When we look around us, do we look to see
‘Who could do with help?’ and ‘Has God work for me?’
Are we living solely for our own desires?
Is it joy to know and do what Christ requires?

Tune: 65 65 65 65 + Swanwick by William T Meyer (tune of ‘There’s a work for Jesus’)

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