Hebrews 13:15,16
Recreated by God’s Holy Spirit to be
to the praise of his glorious grace;
and the fruit of true praise should be borne from those lips
which confess him and know his embrace.
Sacrificially giving God praise,
praise for all that he is and his ways;
will you give time and thought
to give praise as you ought?
through Christ Jesus continually praise.

And this fruit is produced when we study his Word,
when we meditate, realise, agree
with the facts there recorded to teach us that God
great and glorious always will be.

And the names of our God and his Christ teach us much
of his attributes, nature and ways.
He is holy, and loving, and just, and so good;
– for his wise, gracious actions give praise.

God almighty deserves all the effort we can
give to offering thanks, giving praise.
We can never atone for our sins, but receive
his salvation, and grace all our days.
Tune: tune of ‘When I come’ (words by T Ramsey) by C E Durham   135 Youth Praise

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