Intricacy of living tissue!
Atoms of differing weights and activity,
linked to make molecules high in complexity,
ordered, and structured, and placed in the cell
where they’ll meet when they should, slow down or compel
different reactions, interactions on cue,
with multiple triggered effects when they’re due.

Like keys and their locks making contact,
when chemicals correctly impact,
their functional purpose is altered and changed,
as groupings of atoms attract, rearranged.
The chemical drawings, and intricate stages
of all that goes on would take pages and pages
to detail, explain, and we never could fully
describe the controls, and the programming truly,
the transport and switches within each small cell,
positioning within each minute organelle.

So that light can be ‘seen’,
or a scent can be smelt,
our dinner transformed,
and our blood pumped and warmed.

Computer and factory:
fragility sustained,
arrangements maintained:
precise, and particular,
awesome, spectacular,

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