Unselfish Love

Precious love,  a treasure rare,
true concern by those who care,
thoughtful, willing, generous, wise;
powered by grace that God supplies.

In a world so full of greed,
love gives time to others’ need,
cheers and sweetens, easing stress,
stirs up thanks and happiness.

Love brought Christ to earth to save,
toiled in suffering service, gave
all for us, and by his death,
loving hearts have come to birth.

When the way of life is rough,
days are weary, times are tough,
love unsparing we should show,
love reliable must flow.

First, and foremost, every day,
in your home this love display,
living as his Word directs,
loving as our Lord expects.
Tune: 77 77 77 77 eg Maidstone 537 Grace

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