Shepherds … (3 John & Ezekiel 34)

Are you concerned for what the flock is needing?
seeking the strays, and searching for the lost,
strengthening the weak and sick, the hungry feeding:
genuine care that doesn’t count the cost.

Looking, not only to your own position;
thinking, not merely how to gain applause;
pride can be subtle, – time will test profession
of true desire to serve the Shepherd’s cause.

Dangers surround, with pressures on the gifted:
love of pre-eminence, or fake lowliness,
from God alone dependence partly shifted,
to leaning on position and success.

Diotrephes: malicious, not concerned for
truth of God’s Word, and love, and faithfulness.
Gaius, Demetrius: souls that prospered, burned for
God’s honour and his people’s happiness.
Tune: 11 10 11 10 eg ‘O perfect love’ by Joseph Barnby

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