Love for God

For you know I love you, Saviour,
know I love you, mighty Lord;
love you more than any other
thing I ever have adored:
this bears witness,
this bears witness
to your work upon my soul.

From where came these new desires?
What gives life to heart and mind?
Things I once despised, I long for, –
and delighted when I find.
Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus,
this is all what you have done.

Glory is the goal I aim for,
holy heaven, happy home;
mighty Holy Spirit made me
child of God, and bids me come;
and I want to,
and I want to
serve and worship God above.

This song is a loose translation of a Welsh hymn,
“’Rwy’n dy garu, Ti a’i gwyddost” by William Williams, Pantycelyn

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