A song from Isaiah

Isaiah chapter 26:1–27:6
The people of God have a song
– by faith we have come to this place
– salvation, impregnably strong.
O LORD, we delight in your grace!

He’ll keep them in peace, perfect peace,
who steadfastly trust in the LORD.
He smooths out their paths, and they cease
to fret, waiting, sure of his Word.

The wicked regard not, nor learn
God’s majesty, laws, and his care.
Affliction should cause us to turn,
approach him and whisper our prayer.

His vineyard will flourish, bear fruit.
He watches and guards every day ,
and thorns who make peace are not burnt.                    .
Powers cunning, and sly he will slay.

The vine will spread out through the earth,
be firmly established, take root;
will bud, and will blossom, break forth:
the world will be filled with good fruit!

Tune: 88 88 eg Celeste (tune of ‘How good is the God we adore’)

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