On Zechariah

chapter 1 vv.1-17
The church of God may not appear
a strong, majestic sight:
a myrtle, when it’s bruised will bear
sweet scent by day or night.

“Return to me, and I,
I will return to you;
your sorrows I allowed,
to chasten, but the proud
who acted cruelly,
will taste my wrath.”

God sometimes waits a while to show
the church her deepest need
but Christ is there within to know
her troubles, intercede.

Christ intercedes that God would grant
the church rich grace, for foes
surround her, hornlike, but they can’t
survive God’s timely blows.

chapter 2
Innumerable saved, in spacious home:
called from exile.
– He will come
to live among them, and surround,
many nations will be found,
joining with him in that day.

chapter 3
The devil tempts men to despair,
and not believe God’s Word;
but Christ atoned, his church can wear
white garments, serve the LORD.

The temple and the offerings
were teaching things to come; –
a Branch from David’s line God brings –
his servant, saving One.

chapter 4
The Spirit of the LORD brings power abundant,
equips his servants in their work:
so mountain-tasks are levelled, and
tasks menial, small they must not shirk,
or yet despise: the all-seeing One has planned,
and will fulfill.

chapter 5
Scroll so wide, announcing, bringing
punishment to sin so flagrant:
theft and swearing falsely, sinning
against God and men earns judgment.

Wickedness must be enclosed
as a system, packed away
from God’s meeting place removed,
exiled far in jail to stay.

chapter 6 vv.1–8
God is at work both far and wide, –
his judgements, power and will applied;
though Israel feels the work is slow,
God’s kingdom will extend and grow.

With gifts returned from far,
the priest is crowned as King:
the Branch will reign, a priest enthroned,
he’ll build the temple of the LORD, –
and labourers will come
from far away. Obey his Word.

chapter 7
For what do you feast, and for whom do you fast?
for God, or yourselves? for consider times past
when earlier prophets were sent with God’s Word
their hearers were hardened, ignored what they heard.
The  Lord, like a whirlwind, then scattered them far –
their land became desolate, pleasant no more.

Now, therefore give thought
to the life-guiding laws that he’s clearly taught.

chapter 8
God’s dwelling place of truth and holiness –
young and old in peace and happiness:
promises give motivation,
as do warnings from the past.

People come from every nation
to find God and truth at last.

chapter 9 vv.1–8
God warns those living round about,
but promises he’s watching out,
protecting his people,
and guarding his temple.

Rejoice, a righteous King! and on a colt
he comes with his salvation.
He’ll rule, bring peace throughout the earth
and meanwhile guard this nation,
and all his covenant people.

The  LORD will save with mighty hand,
and shield his flock, and people.
They’ll thrive, and sparkle in his land,
attractive as a jewel.

chapter 10 vv.1–3
Pray to the true LORD, and on him depend.
He is the Shepherd to teach and defend.
The comforts and visions of liars deceived,
and weakened the people, – their Shepherd was grieved.

He strengthens, matures them
equips and restores.
The Ruler from Judah
arises and draws
both Judah and Joseph
– they’re gathered and glad.

His people from slavery returning,
from exile, the true God remembering,
unhindered, opposers brought low,
the strength of the LORD they will know.

chapter 11
Disaster and wailing,
calamatous failing.

The faithful Shepherd will be rejected,
– he’s undervalued, his price returned,
– thrown into the temple, to the potter.
‘Favour’ and ‘Union’  broken, – God’s Word
noted by some who acknowledge the LORD.

The land will wail again in time ahead,
exploiting evil leader rules instead,
the flock deserted.
‘May he be restrained,
confused and enfeebled, curtailed!’

chapter 12
The nations against God’s people.
God intervenes, makes strong,
confuses the foes, stirs panic, fear,
blindness of horses, ‘things’ go wrong,
but his leaders get wisdom and purpose clear.

Jerusalem: immovable rock of safety,
injuring rock of stumbling.

Mourning for the pierced Messiah.
Outpouring of God’s Spirit:
his people all repenting, praying, trusting.

chapter 13  vv.1–6
A fountain to cleanse from sin.
Idolatry scorned,
impurity mourned,
its influence broken,
the lies that have shaken
belief in God’s Word,
by many a false claim
are seen as absurd,
– discarded in shame,
with anger and blame.

The LORD strikes his Shepherd, so dear,
the sheep then are scattered in fear,
and many know judgement unfold,
but some are refined by the fire like gold,
they call on his name, they’re the people of God.

chapter 14
Disaster for Jerusalem.
Then judgement on God’s enemies:
great cataclysmic day of the Lord:
attack, separation,
safety, consumation;
then constant light and living water.
Survivors join in joy and praise.
No other name, one Lord who stays
King of all the earth now fully,
and in his worship all is holy.

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