on Haggai

chapter 1
Great ambitions, expectations –
disappointments, and frustrations:
how we use our time and money
shows what matters to us, plainly;
tears and words don’t mean repentance
unless welded to obedience.

Luxuries and games and leisure
can become our life and treasure,
clogging up our days and stifling
worship, and God’s will neglecting;
weigh our souls down, cloud our vision,
God’s Words heard without perception.

Spending much but with no gain
of real value, to sustain,
and enrich, invigorate:
true discipleship can’t wait –
‘not yet’ whispers good intention –
truth demands our prompt attention;
blessing flows from faithful action.

chapter 2 vv.1–9
Strong in the work commanded,
almighty God is with them,
just as he’d covenanted,
His Spirit’s power will aid them.
And this is what’s important
– though less this temple’s state,
he here will be triumphant,
his glory will be great.

He’ll shake the nations, –
their need, their aspirations
he here will meet,
the hope desired will come,

and peace will be accomplished
for those who had been banished.

Chemical contamination
angers many in our nation,
but concern for heart pollution
gets much less consideration.

Ceremonial defilement
is contagious, and containment
difficult, but it is harder
to pass goodness to each other.

Remember the years that were lost,
how great in the end was the cost,
and the danger to them and to others,
God’s Word not displayed to their neighbours.

As at the exodus he will
shake powers, the obstinate will fall.

A signet ring sets seal to show
the will of him who owns it, – so
it guarantees what he will do.

This task no man can all fulfil,
only the Christ, Messiah will:

now Zerubbabel’s line will bring
King David’s greater Son and King.

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