on Zephaniah

chapter 1 vv.2,3
The Lord here declares
he must bring great destruction
over the face of this earth.

Now, through Zephanaiah, gives warning to Judah:
soon they will suffer his day.
It won’t be a day of great blessing and pleasure, but
punishment, wailing, dismay:
idolatrous worship removed, –
complacency, compromise, shame,
swept away, and hypocrisy vain.
How many refused to believe it would come?

The great day of the Lord is so near,
of bitterness, darkness, distress,
of trouble, and ruin, and fear,
for sin will bring fire through the earth,
and wealth cannot satisfy wrath .

chapter 2 vv.1–3
So what will you do, if you know he is coming?
Gather, consider, exhort, mercy praying.
The humble, obedient can ask for his care.
His anger must act, but they may still share
his shelter, protection and hope.

His judgements will come to nations around,
(– their pride, and unkindness, and insults abound):
to the west, to the east, to the south, and the north
(no Assyrian attackers any more would break forth).
He’ll settle his people, the remnant of faith
where godlessness flourished and sneered,
and in all of the nations throughout all the earth,
he’ll be worshipped, he will be revered.

chapter 3 vv1–7
But now, Jerusalem –
with the righteous Lord within.
Officials, and prophets, and priests profane
the temple, and twist God’s law.
Her people see him punish
those lands, but won’t relinquish
their sins, they love corruption,
won’t fear, accept correction.

God’s anger comes, consumes throughout the world,
and it is sure;
the Lord will form a holy people, pure.
Among the nations many will call out
to him, and serve.
God’s scattered people will be glad to come to worship.
The city purged of all the proud and vain,  –
the humble, trusting will remain.

And Zion will rejoice, have no more fear,
their punishment removed, no enemy now near;
their God, their Saviour will delight, rejoice,
and comfort,
gathering his people home:
the nations praise, amazed at what he’s done.

3 thoughts on “on Zephaniah

  1. These are notes in the form of verse to make a (hopefully) useful summary for reading the book again. I don’t think they are suitable for singing, but if they were to be sung, music would have to be composed for them probably – something my son would probably enjoy doing!


  2. If you go to the home page (by clicking on’Rhiannon’s Hymns’ at the top of the page), and then click the ‘about’ button, at the bottom of that section I have put a list of the type of work I am putting on the site, songs and hymns under doctrinal headings, and verse notes on prophets and Psalms. Thank you for your query.


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