Broken families

James 1:27
Women deserted, or men pushed away:
struggling mothers, hard-pressed every day: –
children alone and hungry for care,
longing for parents with time to spare.
A welcoming Saviour, his church that shares
– supporting those striving at role-repairs.

A New Guide in Relationships (Colossians 3:8-16)
Relationships broken, and love turned to hate:
let down and belittled, and none to placate.
New friendships ( – now wiser? ), – regrets are too late;
but come near to Jesus, he knows all your state,
and can bring you healing – the only fresh start
that really can function has Christ in your heart
to guide in your friendships, and wisdom impart.
And all you have done that was wrong and unkind,
confessed, and put off, with God’s Word in your mind.

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