on Ephesians 1:3-14

Plan superb God is fulfilling:
universal, certain scheme:
bringing all his richest blessings,
sending Jesus to redeem,
rescuing for holiness,
from the bonds of wickedness.

He will soon rule over all things,
everything and everyone,
but believers are adopted,
willing service has begun,
sonship that cannot be earned,
futile rebel actions spurned.

So give heed to revelation
of this richest gospel grace;
as we wait for full redemption,
taste support and love’s embrace;
sealed – his Spirit lives within,
moulding us to follow him.

Knowing now where we are heading,
joyfully, we press ahead,
comforted in times of trial,
chastened, taught, and onward led;
serve our gracious God with awe,
praise our Saviour evermore.
Tune: Gounod (Let us love and sing and wonder) ( One there is above all others well deserves the name if Friend) 87 87 77 tune of ‘Once in royal David’s city’  or Ottawa (tune of Master Speak, thy servant heareth’)

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