chapter 1:1–2:27
In times of such great distress
what will you think,
how will you pray,
will you examine your hearts,
and sins confess?

Extensive destruction
(no human power ,
or scheme could thwart).

Will you return with your heart truly broken?
Return to the LORD as he’s taught?
Return to the LORD with all of your heart.

The nations will see
his blessings so full
on his people with showers and grain:
surpassing the years of chastisement and pain, –
raising praise to their God,
now their lives will no longer bring shame.

Then comes a time when the Spirit will be
poured out upon many, and all
who call on the LORD to be saved.
Redemption accomplished, the Lord God will call
to momentous deliverance free.
The great day of the LORD will come awesomely.

chapter 3
Every nation then will meet
the Judge, accused of what they’ve done
against his people – he’ll defeat
and punish – all provision gone.
Proud strength will crumble, desolate
their place, a lost eternal state.
The earth and sky will change and tremble;
the voice of God roars from his temple.

God’s kingdom will be safe, secure:
– his people pardoned, holy, blest,
and happy in their active rest,
the LORD dwells there for evermore.

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