Love and justice meet

The ark to hold the words of law
was covered by the mercy seat.
Jehovah must all sin abhor,
– can love and justice ever meet?
Our God triune a plan agreed,
the covenant to meet man’s need.

Each year the blood was sprinkled there,
shed life of sacrifice was shown,
and pointed forward to prepare
for One whose life-blood could atone.
Exquisite grace: our Saviour came,
with righteousness to cover shame.

The veil was torn when Jesus died;
he entered heaven, most holy place;
now sinners can be justified,
and reconciled to God by grace:
propitiating blood supplied, –
the law’s demands all satisfied.

Receive this mercy, come to pray,
drink of such grace, rejoice, adore,
delight in freedom to obey,
enjoy his presence evermore.
The Lord whose mercies can be known,
invites us to approach his throne.

Tune: 88 88 88 ‘Solid Rock’ by W B Bradbury

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