Jesus’ touch

Mark 1:40–45
The leper came on bended knee,
with great desire, humility,
believing Christ’s ability:
Christ touched him, cleansed.

Men’s sin is not a surface-sore, –
it spreads and poisons more and more:
so come to Christ, and grace implore,
– know Jesu’s touch.

For Jesus will not turn away
whoever comes to him to pray;
transforming sinners foul each day,
by touch divine.

The man with leprosy could now
feel useful once again, and how
they joy in Life and service new
who’ve known his touch.

Christ asked him not to tell it out:
he failed: he spread the news about.
Now we’ve been urged to share or shout
what Christ has done.
Tune: 888 4 eg Almsgiving by John B Dykes

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