More on the Gospel

for children
God, who made us now calls us back, –
come then to him for love.
He, who made us now feels our lack –
everyone needs such love.
God, in Christ, so loving,
and, in him, forgiving;
this is the need, this is the lack:
many don’t know this love;
this is the need, this is the lack,
many don’t know this love.

God, who made us and sent his Son
(come now to him for love)
offers love to each sorry one –
everyone needs such love.
Tune: 86.86 and refrain ‘Wonderful Words of life’ by P P Bliss

Hebrews 9:7, 11,12
Once a year the priest of Israel
drew near to God;
entering by careful ritual, –
drew near to God.
Wearing garments plain and simple,
blood of sacrifice to sprinkle,
incense veiling glory awful; –
cleansed for their God.

We deserve to be excluded, –
exiled from God.
Priest and sacrifice are needed,
– perfect for God;
Christ, the Servant substituted,
his atoning blood presented,
bore our sin, propitiated:
Way back to God!

Let us then draw near, approach him, –
come now to God.
When we’ve felt the world encroaching, –
come back to God;
stripped of pride, in Jesus trusting,
ransom paid, with joy repenting,
fellowship and mercy tasting;
welcomed by God!
Tune: 84 84 8884 Ar Hyd y Nos

1 Corinthians 15:1
What worries the world about life? – thoughts of death!
They hope there’ll be nothing beyond their last breath,
but all are uneasy, and glance all around, –
to see if an answer can somewhere be found.

Christ Jesus was raised back to life after death,
and he holds the keys, and brings judgement to earth.
When people examine the facts, they soon see
the history’s sure, and affects you and me.

But many pull blinds down, unwilling to face
the claims of God’s goodness, the offers of grace;
and scoffing is easier than looking once more
at things one’s presumed to reject or ignore.

Men always, since Adam, have tried to be free
from any authority, rules that should be.
The killing of Jesus did not stop his claim,
and spurning his mercy increases the blame.

He died for our sins, he has risen; we should
give honour, allegiance, receiving his Word;
his blood on our hearts washing guilt all away
– this gospel alone brings salvation today.

So stand on the gospel, the gospel that saves;
stay there, holding firmly the Word faith receives –
Christ’s death for our sins, resurrection foretold,
and witnessed, – the message we must not withhold.
Tune: 11 11 11 11

The Crux
The pivot-point of history:
Christ’s death upon the cross;
the issue of eternity
(immense the gain or loss).
Will you reject God’s remedy,
or now receive, and boast
in this alone, your only plea,
in Christ alone your trust?

However good I tried to be,
I never could atone
for all the guilty past I see; –
I clasp the offered One,
the Substitute, and Saviour – he
who suffered on the cross.
The world is crucified to me:
my gain it rates as loss.

Eternal life, abundant life –
awaiting, and I taste
it even now through all the strife;
fools think I squander, waste
the opportunities preferred
by many here and now:
their values false, their vision blurred,
they know not what I know.

for children
Everyone wants to be happy, have fun:
no-one is happy when bad things are done;
but if you’re sorry, and wish you weren’t bad,
God can forgive you, and then you’ll be glad.
Life isn’t fun when bad things are done, –
no, not real fun; no, not real fun.
Life isn’t fun when bad things are done, –
people pretend it is.

But it’s not easy to follow Christ’s way;
living like others is simpler, you’ll say;
but if you trust him, he’ll help you, you’ll see; –
happy in walking with him you will be.
Tune: 10 10 10 10 Dactylic and refrain
(Tune of ‘I am so glad that our Father in heaven,
tells of his love in the book he has given’)
?‘Trinity Chapel’ by P P Bliss?

1 Corinthians 1:18
Many philosophies, many beliefs,
boosters of confidence, soothers of grief;
eloquent writing, and figures of fame:
but all have no answer for sin and its shame.

A God who is crucified by people one day:
– how can that be? How foolish, men say!
Yet this was the way for escape from defeat,
but glamour amuses and veils its deceit.

Many won’t think, for they’re feeling so comfortable,
liking to think what they like, feel unsinkable;
supporting some party to feel they’re important,
belittle God’s message but hound its proponent.

Message of truth few will recognise truly,
message with power to deliver us fully;
power to deliver completely as promised, –
the sacrificed Christ our salvation has purchased.

Wistful sayings
“There must be more to life than this!”
Each toy I try and promised bliss
falls short of satisfaction, – why?
– will life still disappoint me, ’til I die?

“You haven’t lived yet!” – you who’ve not
known Jesus Christ, receiving what
he gives – eternal life: to know
this One who pays that awful debt you owe.

“I would give anything” to feel
this missing gem of joy so real.
A floundering fish needs rescue lift –
and I need life from Jesus, as a gift.

Jericho and Joshua; Rahab and Achan
Shut up against the LORD’s control, –
see, Jericho’s like a foolish soul
determined to keep right apart
from God’s good influence on the heart.

But Rahab realised God’s decree;
believed, was glad his child to be,
and on that day of great destruction,
and glory, she received salvation!

But Achan richest blessing lost, –
through greed, – and didn’t count the cost
to others; God observed it all –
Achan did not for mercy call.

Beware of incomplete devotion
to God, of his rich gifts, provision:
acknowledge debt, and seek his will,
or they will only bring us ill.

For Achan’s family had scorned
God’s rule, and so his judgement earned.
But Joshua prayed, though much perplexed,
and Israel all were warned and blessed.

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