1 Kings 19:1–18  Romans 15:4
Elijah was tired, exhausted, dejected,
(God’s enemy boasted and threatened to kill);
but after he’d slept, and had food, God instructed:
his work was progressing, his plan he’d fulfil.
Not fire from heaven, or shaking of mountains,
– God’s voice in men’s hearts turns them back so they will
acknowledge his work, all his words fully follow
unshaken by those who choose wickedness still.

Queen Jezebel’s malice was bitter and raging,
she snarled, but the base of her power was gone;
and Satan attempts to wreak havoc and trembling:
he knows he’s defeated, the contest is won.

Elijah was like us, with passions and weakness,
straightforward and honest, no ‘airs’ or pretence.
He suddenly felt all alone, but God’s presence
was with him, as soon he would know and confess.

And all this is taught us to strengthen endurance;
the scriptures encourage and lead us in faith.
Let no-one intimidate; saints’ perseverance
is certain, their hope is unshakeable truth.
Tune: ‘He giveth more grace’ by Hubert Mitchell 12 11 12 11+

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