God’s Providence

An able Creator protects and upholds
the stars, and the bud which so neatly unfolds,
the rocks of the mountain, the tit in the tree,
the beautiful lily, the robin, and me.
Give praise to God most high for all his supply,
for food and for clothing, – so rich a supply.
Give praise to God most high for all his supply,
and trust in his mercy, and wisdom, for ever, Amen.

An able Creator was saddened to see:
when tempted, Eve took of the fruit of the tree.
She tasted God’s judgement – the ‘curse’ had begun,
yet still he protected, and sent us his Son.

There’s much in this world that man can’t understand,
the grief and the troubles allowed by God’s hand;
like Job we may wonder, may pray, and may cry,
God’s constant provision we cannot deny.

God does not delight in men dying in sin;
and Jesus bore judgement, there’s freedom in him,
but all who refuse will themselves have to pay,
for them God’s provision will finish one day.

God knows all about every sheep on the hill;
in life and in death always tends to them still;
so do not refuse all the grace he supplies:
forgiveness, adoption, and providence wise.

Whatever we have should be used to his praise,
and we can help others in numberless ways;
Forgiving our foes, for by mercy we live:
we freely receive, so we freely should give.

(inspired by the Welsh hymn ‘Mae’r Arglwydd yn cofio y Dryw yn y drain’ by Gomer M Roberts, – the chorus is basically a translation;
and can be sung to the same tune, ‘Mair’ by D E Williams, Treforys)

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