Jesus speaks of coming days

Mark 13
As Jesus left the earthly temple,
scene of barenness and greed,
so he spoke of its destruction,
for its symbols were to lead
to the perfect Sacrifice,
to the Christ who would suffice.

Times of turmoil, trouble always
from the curse ’til time will end;
day of grace brings persecution,
but his gospel God will send;
and the Day he’s indicated,
will come surely as appointed.

Watch out, – not deceived by folly
things false teachers slyly say.
Watch out for his help in trouble,
watch out for his coming Day.
Not deflected, not unready,
vigilant, alert, and steady.

Christ’s Day is near

Romans 13:11-14
There is a day that soon will come;
soon see the hour of rising sun;
awake from slumber, rise to life,
let idleness be gone, and strife;
The day of Jesus Christ is near,
arise to serve in godly fear!

There is a robe of righteousness,
from God for those who Christ confess;
they, evil deeds must put aside,
and live like Christ, his humble bride,
protected as they war with sin:
they will by grace the battle win!

There is a work that we must do,
our vows, with zeal, let us renew,
and give no thought to fleshly lust,
but to the will of God, the just;
The day of Jesus Christ is near,
arise to serve in godly fear!
Tune: 88 88 88 eg Carey’s (Surrey) by Henry Carey
( tune of of ‘Who is a pardoning God like Thee’)

Has healed, can heal, will heal

A leper, ill, distressed, unkempt;
Christ had compassion, not contempt:
he touches – no contamination,
but, cleansing flows from him to heal
the leper – decontamination
from all he had to bear and feel.

A man so paralysed had friends,
who heard that Jesus heals and mends
trouble, sickness, disability:
they brought him close to the vicinity
where Jesus was instructing
and through the roof they lowered him
But first he pardoned, and some sneered,
‘God only can do that!’, thoughts jeered.
But Jesus then his power displayed,
authority to sins forgive,
by healing this paralysis:
and one day all that is amiss
he will put right, his kingship show,
but now trust and much blessing know,
and ask he pardon all you owe.

Running away

They run away and shake a fist.
They do not want him to exist.
[not understanding him aright,
– deficiency of knowledge, sight.]

But when they see him come, one day,
they’ll realise they can’t run away,
or hide, and wish they had come near
before, repentantly, for grace
and welcome, when they need not fear,
only submit, and listen, learn,
so that with joy they’d see his face.

‘Ascension Day’

Acts 1:1-11
Arising up and out of sight,
a cloud obscured,
angels assured
he will return as he has gone,
so go and tell and make him known,
his lordship many more will own:

for forty days he’d been supplying
abundantly full confirmation
of his astounding resurrection:
they now must wait his new empowering.


This earth was perfect, now it’s flawed,
perfection soon will be restored,
but now uncertain are the days,
and troubles rise in many ways,
so we must turn our eyes upon
him who can help, neglected One;

instead of anger for what’s come,
no longer help and mercy shun,
for soon he will take death away –
we need to pray before that day
to him who is a King who can
forgive and rescue mortal man.

Great Expectations

Mark 13
Great expectations: hope wonderful, sure.
Jesus returning, great joy evermore.
Before his departure, he’d told them and warned,
of judgement, for he’d been rejected and scorned,
Their temple would then be destroyed, for fulfilled
its cermonies, symbols – true Sacrifice killed.
This gospel would spread first to nations afar,
so they could receive his salvation before
his judgement extends throughout all the earth,
removing all evil, and sickness, and death.
Reminded by earthquakes, and wars, that life’s short,
– yet few would prepare, though the way had been taught:

King Christ comes in glory, he gathers up all
his people, while galaxies shake, their stars fall.

Promises of Return

1 Cor.11:26; 1 Kings 22:17,18,26-35; Ecc.9:11; Pr 19:21
King Ahab said, ‘Until
I come, in prison you stay
on bread and water. – In disguise,
I will succeed today.

He did not like God’s Word.
He thought he could prevent
the certain word Micaiah spoke:
at random, death was sent.

Our sacrament reminds
us of the death of Christ,
and what was done: until that Day
he comes to take the blest.

And he will come again,
for certain in his Word,
and time and chance are ruled by One
who is the Sovereign Lord.