Love’s Source; Love’s toil

1 Corinthians 13
Love develops from the nature
planted by the Trinity.
True love will not fail or finish, –
lasts throughout eternity.

As we see our love imperfect,
God’s great love should draw our praise;
vast, abounding , pure and gracious –
motivates our thoughts and ways.

Do I value love, improve it?
Root out ‘rust spots’, all that spoils?
Love’s devoted and committed,
serves sincerely, works and toils.

Love’s not apathetic, lazy,
love is active, must be shared,
always practised, strength receiving,
giving all, no effort spared.

Tune: All that thrills my soul is Jesus

Foolishly Looking Back

Exodus 14:12,13,15; 15:1,2
Don’t look behind through tinted glass,
and paint untruthful rosiness;
don’t look ahead in fear, and fret,
– God’s power and love you thus forget.

Don’t moan and groan, be quiet and wait,
stand firm
and let your words abate.
Look up
and think about the LORD,
and see what help he can afford.

Move on as he directs, but do
not fear the things unknown to you.
A life of faith must always lean
upon the LORD whose grace we’ve seen.

And so then sing up to the LORD,
all you who’ve known his gracious Word,
and tasted his redemptive grace,
salvation, help and warm embrace.
Tune: LMD eg Guidance by W B Bradbury